My name is Peter (Pete) Hayward. I live with my wife, Pam and my daughter, Claire in Glenside, South Australia.

We live in what must be one of the best locations around with terrific neighbours and the best of friends. A top spot within a stones throw of the Adelaide city centre.

Pam and I have two dogs, "Max" (Beaglier) and "Honey" (Spoodle) are two gorgeous dogs. I have always sworn never to have a dog, but they are both providing heaps of happiness and fun despite the hard work and expense. Their images are in some of the albums.

I hope you enjoy the shots I have on show here (especially in the "interestingness" album). Please let me know what you think. All shots have been taken on Nikon equipment. The earlier shots on a Nikon D200, D600, D610 and D750.

PS: I have had to protect some albums for privacy reasons. A little lock symbol shows the album is locked.